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Späh designed acoustic - acoustic ceiling baffle

As diverse as our customers: our custom acoustic solutions. Made in Germany.

Sophisticated acoustic solutions that are adapted to individual design requirements and spatial set-ups play a key role in modern interior design.

This is where SPÄH designed acoustic comes in: with fully configurable acoustic solutions which impress with both their form and function and which are entirely manufactured in Germany. Thanks to our in-house production and our own assembly team, supplementary productions, flexibility, customization and reliability are not challenges for us – they are a matter of course. As is a contact partner who personally takes care of our customers from the first contact right up to acceptance, and who is directly available for you at all times. Not only are they on hand to lend a sympathetic ear for your individual concerns, they also bring with them the expertise and longstanding experience of the SPÄH Group which boasts over 500 skilled employees.

That said, we believe that actions speak louder than words – as do products that impress with their quality and aesthetics, as well as their price. Why not see for yourself?

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Personal support from the outset. Just get in touch with us.

SPÄH designed acoustic

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Quick and customized: the designed acoustic creator.


To create high-quality, customized ceiling solutions takes time. This is certainly true: with our new “d.a. creator" it takes between 5 and 7 minutes.


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Dampening sound, not expectations: our baffles.


A classic design, yet still ahead of its time. Unique one-offs that are entirely produced in Germany and that just happen to feature outstanding damping characteristics. Less complexity and more freedom of design.


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Feel free to continue. With our acoustic ideas for your space.

Open-plan offices and premises have lots of advantages. Unfortunately the noise level is not one of them. Glass, stone or steel surfaces can contribute to annoying background noise. Our designed acoustic dividers separate individual areas from one another visually and acoustically, thus creating structure and private spaces. But it’s not just the improved acoustics of the room that create the perfect atmosphere – it’s also the look.


Visit our website for more Information www.spaeh-da.com#