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Since this company was founded, the focal point of our production operations has been the punching of non-metallic materials. This involves us in manufacturing all customer-specific items in accordance with dimension, material and desired quantity in sharp, shearing or belt steel cut operations on a vast array of punching machines and automatic units. The Group has its own tool-making facility for all solid punching tools, and we lay the groundwork for achieving absolute precision.


All punchable, non-metallic materials, especially elastomers, plastics and many other sealing and insulation materials. Here, we rely upon our comprehensive material depots at all locations. We are also delighted to process materials provided by yourself on a piece rate basis. You can find an overview of our most current material types on our material page.

Shapes, dimensions, applications

Using sharp and crosscut tools we produce punched parts to order with diameters ranging from 1 mm thru ~200 mm. The manufacture of many other punched parts and parts left on the belt mostly involves the use of belt steel tools up to a max. component size of 2000 x 1150 mm.
You can find further information on our product pages, in the download area and in our overview of industry sectors.

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