Späh Unternehmensgruppe Dichtungen und mehr

SPÄH Teaserbild Bauindustrie - SPAEH teaser image construction industry - Spezialist für Gummi, Kunststoff, Elastomere - Dichtungen, Drehteile, Frästeile, Plotterteile, Wasserstrahlschnitt, Halbzeug, Rohre, Platten, Blöcke, Stäbe, Matten, Platten, Akustik, 3D Druck - Expert in rubber and Plastics - seals, gaskets, turning and milling parts, CNC, water-jet cut, mats and sheets, plates, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, acoustics

As a partner of the Technical Trade, SPÄH is represented in these sectors:

Branchenübersicht Sanitär/Heizung/Klima Maschinen-/Anlagenbau Medizintechnik Fahrzeugbau Bauindustrie Transport/Logistik

Construction industry

Onwards and upwards – the construction sector is booming, over the last few years more than almost any other sector. The inherent value and safety of complexes depends to a large extent upon the materials used. On the basis of its decades of experience, SPÄH delivers a vast array of components and solutions to the construction industry, from gaskets up to building protection and insulation.
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