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SPÄH Produkte Dichtungen - SPAEH products  seals and gaskets - Abdichtungen (aus AFM, EPDM, NBR, FKM, SBR, Centellen® und vielen weiteren), Abdichtfolien, Armaturendichtungen, Deckeldichtungen, Dichtscheiben, Dichtringe, Dichtungsbänder, Dichtungseinsätze, Dichtungskomponenten, Dichtungslamellen, Dichtungsringe und Dichtungsscheiben, Dichtungsstreifen, Duschabtrennungen (aus TESNIT®, UNITEC® und weiteren Materialien), Drehdichtungen und Schwenkdichtungen, Elastomerdichtungen, Faserdichtungen, Flachdichtungen (genormt und ungenormt), Flanschdichtungen, Fluid-Dichtungen, Graphitdichtungen, Karosseriedichtungen, Klappendichtungen, Kompressorendichtungen, Korkdichtungen, Kunststoffdichtungen und Gummidichtungen, Lagerdichtungen, Membranen , Moosgummidichtungen, Normdichtungen, PTFE Dichtungen, Pumpendichtungen, Ringdichtungen, Schaumstoff-Dichtungen, Selbstklebe-Dichtungen/selbstklebende Dichtungen, Siebdruckdichtungen, Spezialdichtungen, Statische Dichtungen, Ventildichtungen , Weichstoffdichtungen, Zellkautschuk-Dichtungen - Drehteile, Frästeile, Plotterteile, Wasserstrahlschnitt, Halbzeug, Rohre, Platten, Blöcke, Stäbe, Matten, Platten, Akustik, 3D Druck - Expert in rubber and Plastics - seals, sealing and insulation materials, high-performance materials, elastomers, duroplasts and thermoplasts, graphite, foams, different compounds, gaskets, turning and milling parts, CNC, water-jet cut, mats and sheets, plates, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, acoustics


Seals of every kind, gaskets, flange seals, sealing disks or ring seals in all shapes and dimensions, in the widest variety of non-metallic materials and for practically all sectors - that is what SPÄH stands for. We cover all sizes of production run - from batch sizes of 1 up to several million parts. Our well-organized semi-finished goods depots at all locations enable us to supply to order rapidly. Depending on requirements, we employ a vast array of manufacturing methods in mechanical production, e.g. punching technology, water-jet cutting and CNC machining. A wide range of product-related services round off the delivery programme.


All rubber and plastic qualities, sealing and insulation materials, high-performance materials, elastomers, duroplasts and thermoplasts, graphite, foams, different compounds - in brief: all non-metallic materials. We process many other materials on request or also in job-order (i.e. piece rate) production. Have a look at the list of standard materials that are workable by us: go to materials

Shapes, dimensions, applications

We supply our gaskets against orders, to drawing, sample or specification, in any shapes up to and including very filigree and complex geometries. In the dimensions, we offer you the great bandwidth of 1 millimetre up to approx. 10 metres diameter (from approx. 2 metres cemented from segments).

We supply all static and dynamic seals to your wishes, cut to size for you to further process, with the following service options: part designation by print or embossing, self-adhesive on one or both sides for ease of assembly, left on belt for automatic delivery, with silicone bead to increase sealing properties on bend-resistant component and individual component cleaning as well as packaging to your individual choice.

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Used as the following products in all industry sectors:

  • Seals (from AFM, EPDM, NBR, FKM, SBR, Centellen® and many more)
  • Sealing films
  • Fitting seals
  • Lid seals
  • Sealing discs,
  • Sealing rings,
  • Sealing tapes,
  • Sealing inserts,
  • Sealing components,
  • Sealing lamellae
  • Sealing strips
  • Shower partitions (made of TESNIT®, UNITEC® and other materials)
  • elastomer, fiber, flat (standardized and non-standardized), flange, fluid, graphite, body, rotating and swiveling seals
  • Valve, compressor and cork seals
  • Plastic, rubber, bearing, soft-material and cellular rubber seals
  • Membranes
  • Foam rubber, standard, PTFE, pump, ring and foam seals
  • Self-adhesive seals
  • Screen-printed, special, static and valve seals
  • and many more!

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Jürgen Schröter

T +49 7572 602-170 | vertrieb.sued(at)spaeh.de

Gaskets made from fibre-based soft materials

We produce ring seals from high-pressure seal materials such as UNITEC® 300, AFM, Centellen®, Klingersil and many others. Our seals are employed in all branches of industry, e.g. sanitary, heating and air-conditioning (HVAC).

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Achieving better leak tightness with screen-printed seals

Static gaskets can be equipped with an individual contour imprint made of silicone in defined sealing zones. This assures higher compression forces and therefore greater seal integrity, e.g. on bend-resistant components for mechanical engineering and plant construction applications.

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Milled parts made of plastic

Mechanical processing of standard thermoplastic standard plastics and high-performance plastics, e.g. polyamide, polyethylene and PTFE with high-performance milling and machining centres for technical parts and dynamic seals in mechanical engineering, medical technology, the chemicals industry and in many other sectors.

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Plastic turned parts to CNC standards of precision

With our high-performance turning machines, we produce using plastics, e.g. polycarbonate, polypropylene and polystyrene, ring seals, thrust rings, spiral rings, O-rings and other shaped rings for mechanical engineering and a varied range of static and dynamic applications.

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Individually produced turned and milled parts

Order-related manufacture of made-to-measure drawing components, e.g. using chip-cutting CNC machining processes for plant construction and many other fields of application.

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Foam seals produced to your specifications

We supply gaskets made of cellular materials to drawing, sample or specification in every desired shape and quantity in accordance with your stipulations.

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Turned parts made of polyurethane and Vulkollan®

The all-round properties of turned gaskets, e.g. made of highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane rods and tubes enable them to be used in a versatile range of applications. They are, for example, used as damping and spring elements, guide rollers and coupling packs.

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Gaskets and precision components produced by water-jet

Complicate special gaskets, samples and prototypes can be manufactured flexibly and precisely by water-jet cutting without great tool expense on the basis of the CAD data supplied by yourselves. They satisfy a wide range of functions in all industrial sectors, e.g. automotive construction or the medical sector.

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