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Semifinished goods

We at SPÄH can provide all current elastomer and types of plastic, Vulkollan® and polyurethane from our own production, sealing and insulation materials, high-pressure sealing materials, high-performance materials, cellular materials, electrical insulation materials and many special materials according to customer requirements - in total more than 12,000 material variants immediately available ex stock. You can find an overview of our most current material types on our material page and in the download area.

Shapes, dimensions, applications

Foils, plates, roles, blocks, tubes, round and square rods for the corporate group’s own requirements, i.e. for the production of the parts ordered by customers, and for further processing companies and/or sellers. Products for the construction industry and/or the transportation and logistics sector (anti-slip mats to secure loads and structural protection mats) as well as for animal welfare and horse-racing (rubber floor mats).  

Depending on the material, we hold these dimensions in stock for your benefit:

  • Films, panels and rolls: From 0.01 mm thru 60 mm in thickness
  • Round bars: 2 mm thru 450 mm in diameter
  • Tubes: 10 mm thru 450 mm in outer diameter (OD)

Have a look at our processing methods, too.

Do you have questions about our products?

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Used as the following products in all industry sectors:

  • Cover plates
  • Sealing films
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Work safety mats
  • Structure protection mats
  • Stall mats
  • Insulation boards
  • Sealing films
  • Sealing strips
  • Electrical insulation films
  • Rubber floor mats
  • Insulating plates
  • Corrosive-protection films
  • Plastic plates
  • Load-securing mats
  • Place mats
  • Raw material for further processing
  • Castors
  • Round bars
  • Cutting boards
  • Wear protection plates
  • Square bars
  • and many more!

Anti-slip mats to secure loads

Important aids for securing of loads: Our specifically developed and VDI 2700-tested anti-slip mats, strips and cut sections made of PUR-bonded, recycling mats for the transportation and logistics sector. The slip-resistant rubber mats can also be used as structural protection mats and protective underlays in the construction industry, e.g. as seals and insulation materials.

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Foam panels and other cellular materials can be supplied ex stock

A wide range of different cellular materials such as Cellasto® (PUR foam), foam rubber, PE foam, silicone foam and cellular rubber, are characterized by low weight as well as by great recoil and damping characteristics.

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Self-adhesive equipped semi-finished goods

As an aid to assembly, sealing materials such as rubber rolls, plastic panels and insulation materials with different self-adhesive films, either one-sided or two-sided, can be applied as coatings, depending on application.

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Elastomer strips and plastic cut sections

Depending on requirement, the sealing panels, rolls and films made of elastomers and plastics can be processed into strips and cut sections. By way of example, these can be used as transport and conveyor belts in the construction sector or as PVC panels and strips used as curtains in industrial buildings.

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Polyurethane rods from QUADRIGA

The polyurethane elastomers made by QUADRIGA offer a broad spectrum of different further processing options involving machining processes such as turning, milling, broaching, punching and water-jet cutting. This makes it possible for them to serve different fields of application such as the transportation and logistics sector.

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Polyurethane and Vulkollan® from QUADRIGA

QUADRIGA offers a broadly diversified programme of semi-finished products in the form of plates, strips, squares, blocks, rounds and pipes, including cutting service and mechanical finish-machining. Special panel formats such as special colours and hardnesses can be produced to customer order. For further information, please visit www.quadriga-polyurethane.de.

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More than 5000 material variants available immediately

Our comprehensive and well-organized range of semi-finished goods made of non-metallic seal materials at all locations is the basis for production of customer and further-processing business parts made to order, also for resellers. For tailor-made cuts and strips we use the machining processes cutting, water-jet cutting, trimming, sawing, milling, grinding or splitting, depending on the material and dimension.

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Rubber is not always rubber!

The most important elastomers (types of rubber) are natural rubber (NR) and styrene-butadiene-rubber (SBR), ethylene-propylene-rubber (EPM, EPDM), acrylnitril-butadiene-rubber (NBR), fluorocarbon-rubber (FKM), poly(organo)siloxane (VMQ/silicone) as well as polyurethane (PUR) and Vulkollan®. We can provide you with many of these materials to order as rubber rolls, mats and panels.

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Machine spring elements made of polyurethane and Vulkollan®

QUADRIGA using the hot-casting process to produce polyurethane tubes that are available ex stock as elastic spring elements in acc. with DIN 9835. These are characterized by their dynamic load-bearing properties and superlative damping characteristics. We therefore employ our elastomer springs by preference in tool-making for punching technology, and as elements in the context of cutting, punching and shaping technologies. Further information can be found at www.quadriga-polyurethane.de.

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