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SPÄH Teaserbild Produkte Sonderteile - SPAEH teaser image Special parts - Prototypen aus Gummi, Kunstststoff und Elastomeren, Biegeteile, Cellasto®-Dichtungen in Radialgelenklagern und Gelenkköpfen, Extrudierte Teile, Formteile, Geprägte Teile, Kolbendichtungen, Metallarmierungen, Metallringe, Nutringe, Profile, Rahmendichtungen, Rundschnüre, Spiraldichtungen, Spritzteile und Spritzguss-Teile, Vierkantschnüre, Verschlusskappen, Vulkanisierte Teile, Wellendichtringe- Dichtungen, Drehteile, Frästeile, Plotterteile, Wasserstrahlschnitt, Halbzeug, Rohre, Platten, Blöcke, Stäbe, Matten, Platten, Akustik, 3D Druck - Expert in rubber and Plastics - seals, gaskets, turning and milling parts, CNC, water-jet cut, mats, sheets, rods, plates, blocks, tubes, PUR, PU, POM, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, acoustics

Special parts

If it exists, SPÄH has it. As well as the 'classical' range of products, we can also offer you special parts in the sealing technology sector as well as, by way of example, products for the sanitary sector (assembly aids and acoustics insulation) as well as the domestic sector (baking foil and erasers). We also produce inexpensive samples, prototypes or small series according to your drawings or specifications. You can find further information in our flyer about special articles and the download area.

Special parts sealing technology

In this sector we offer other materials such as metals, non-ferrous metals, metal-reinforced materials, graphite, high-performance elastomers, cellular plastics and composites and the most diverse range of machining and processing operations. This means that almost no limits are placed upon the scope of your needs and fields of application: From SPÄH you can obtain special seals, hose rings, profile sections, O-rings, shaped rubber items, injection molded parts, metal components and a great deal more.

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Used as the following products in all industry sectors:

  • Bending parts
  • Cellasto® seals in radial swivel bearings and swivel heads
  • Extruded parts
  • Moldings
  • Embossed parts
  • Piston seals
  • Metallic fittings
  • Metal rings
  • Groove rings
  • Profiles
  • Frame seals
  • Round cords
  • Spiral seals
  • Molded parts and injection molding parts
  • Square cords
  • End caps
  • Vulcanized parts
  • Shaft seal rings
  • and many more

You have any question about our products?

Please feel free to contact us using our form or contact your sales representative directly:

Maria Kieferle

T +49 7572 602-137 | sonderteile(at)spaeh.de

Cellasto® seals for radial articulated bearings and joint heads

The material employed is cellular polyurethane (PUR) elastomer Cellasto which is characterized by outstanding physical properties such as low residual compression levels and correspondingly large recoil force levels, good cold elasticity and high resistance to oil, grease and gasoline. The global sales of Cellasto sealing gaskets made by BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, Lemförde are handled by Karl Späh GmbH & Co. KG in Scheer.

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Rubber format items

To enable us to offer our customers the most complete range of services in sealing technology, we build our long-term market partners for special seals into the SPÄH range of services. In a task-optimised manner, we supply special seals in a market-compliant variety, e.g. gaiters, profiles, grooved rings, O-rings and many other customer-specific C parts.

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Special parts sealing technology

With our 'Special parts sealing technology' product sector, you obtain access to new materials, to a greater variety of parts and to additional manufacturing processes. By way of example, these include vulcanisation, extrusion, injection molding, pressing, laser cutting and a great deal more.

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O-rings made of elastomers and plastics

We supply elastomer O-rings from our partners made from different rubbers, to your specifications. These are used as static flange seals and grooved rings in the sanitary, automotive, mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors etc.

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POPP special items

Any new development of machines and plant often starts with the building of a prototype. To your drawing or specification, we produce samples, prototypes and short production runs from a wide variety of sealing materials that we keep in stock.

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Low-cost alternative to shaped parts

During the development phase, there is no wish to commit firmly to the tool or mold costs for a potential solution for installed components that has not yet been tried and tested. Which is precisely where POPP comes to the fore, with its comprehensive range of machines and with a specially equipped cementing room, samples can be prepared at different steps of the production process.

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Specially produced elastomers

To be able to produce customer-specific short production runs, the SPÄH Group employs different mechanical production processes such as punching, water-jet cutting, milling, plotter-cutting or grinding technology. Depending on requirements, these machining processes may be combined with one another.

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Tailor-made special gaskets made of non-metallic materials

Manufactured in various production steps, we can shape elastomers, plastics, foam materials as well as sealing and insulation materials into any desired form. In addition, it is possible to manufacture shaped and standard parts in a composite combination of different materials.

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Hose rings made from elastomers

Our 'Special parts sealing technology' division can provide you with extruded hose seals and sections in various quantities, hardness grades and shapes, all compliant with the tightest of tolerances.

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3D printed components – PolyJetTM process

SPAEH 3D print parts, components, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, 3D printing

SPAEH PolyJet 3D printing additive manufacturing rapid prototyping parts and components

Where other manufacturing processes are no longer able to keep up, 3D printing comes into its own. The PolyJetTM process is known for its absolute precision with an accuracy of 0.1 mm, producing very smooth surfaces and minimal wall thicknesses. Material combinations are possible, too.

3D printed components – FDM® process

SPAEH 3D print parts, components, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, 3D printing

With additive manufacturing, the nearly impossible becomes possible. Small batches, samples, prototypes, constructions or high-quality components can be realized fast and effective according to your 3D CAD data. Even from a batch size of 1. Above: components made via FDM®.