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Water-jet cutting

This cutting process without tool overhead assures high flexibility. It is best suited to the development of prototypes for test purposes and the precision cutting of components or long production runs, as well as simple or complex 2D geometries. By way of data, we need CAD files, preferably DXF or DWG, that can then be converted into the CNC program. You can also provide us with a sample, or communicate the dimensions to us, then we will produce the cutting program for you as an billable item.

Water-Jet Cutting in 3D

As a special service, we also offer water-jet cutting in 3D. This takes place on a cutting table measuring 4 x 3 meters. We use either eight conventional water jet heads or our new 3D cutting head, which is placed in a park position when not in use. We can cut sizes of approx. 3200 x 3000 mm in two-dimensional operation and approx. 1400 x 2500 mm in the third dimension. This depends on the respective cutting angle, which is limited to a maximum of 60 degrees. Two high-pressure hydraulic pumps provide sufficient jet pressure. Using this system we can cut isometric V/X and Y chamfers in any shape through the material, and can even produce elaborate, three-dimensional items if desired.


Elastomers and plastics, all foamed materials, leather, felt, cork, sandwich materials etc. Over and above this, we can also cut special materials for you and we can also work with your own materials. You can find an overview of our most current material types on our material page.

Shapes, dimensions

In the size range of 3000 mm in length and 2000 mm in width, we can cut almost all non-metallic materials  – except paper-based ones. Depending on the material resistance, thicknesses up to a maximum of 70 mm can be processed. For borderline cases, we recommend a trial cut beforehand.

Another strength of water-cut technology lies in the deformation-free cutting of thick, cellular materials. Even with very soft materials, parallel cuts are guaranteed here.

You can find further information on our product pages, in the download area and in our overview of industry sectors.

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