Sector: Automotive

The automotive sector is rightly regarded as one of Germany’s leading industries, which employs a large number of people both directly and indirectly. SPÄH offers numerous direct solutions for the respective production processes (e.g., for valves, pumps, and robotics) as well as for downstream areas (packaging and transport). We also support our partners with our in-depth expertise in the development of new drive technologies such as e-mobility.

Example applications

SPÄH Automotive arm rest

Foam base frame for arm rest

Material:  PU Collar gray one-sided self-adhesive
Process:  stamping

Our PU Collar material ensures that the leather surface of the rear armrest in a premium brand car is extremely well protected and also pleasant to the touch.

SPÄH Mount for medical kit

Mount for medical kit

Material:  black rubber
Process:  stamping

Hopefully you’ll never need to use one. But if you do, it’s important that you can find it quickly – the medical kit. Our retaining strap ensures the medical kit stays where it’s supposed to be.



SPÄH Vibration dampers

Vibration dampers

Material:  foam on the reel
Process:  stamping (kiss-cut)

These foam vibration dampers prevent vibrations and suppress unpleasant background noise. This versatile product is used in numerous vehicles.




SPÄH Vibration dampers

License plate illumination

Material:  EPDM
Process:  stamping

The seal in the SPÄH vibration damper  protects the electronic unit against the cold, water, salt and dirt, and also has damping properties.

SPÄH Paint protection

Paint protection

Material:  UNITEC 300 green
Process:  stamping (kiss-cut)

These small sheets are applied to the appropriate areas before the parts enter the coating line to protect them from the paint.

SPÄH Oil lubrication control valve sealing plate

Oil lubrication control valve sealing plate

Material:  PTFE glass fabric sheet
Process:  stamping

This small, inconspicuous sheet replaces the coating of the control valves in many vehicles and thus reduces friction and wear. The focus here is on compliance with tight tolerances.

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