Sector: Healthcare

No other industry demands so much in terms of the specifications and quality criteria. And yet, or precisely because of this, we hugely enjoy working with our customers in this segment. As they strive to make the world a little better every day, we are happy to support them with our many years of experience.

Example applications

SPÄH CTG strap

CTG strap

Material: para rubber
Process:  stamping

This strap supports the fetal doppler on the pregnant woman’s abdomen. It ensures a firm and comfortable grip during the examination.

SPÄH Articulated arm for surgical light

Articulated arm for surgical light

Material: POM black
Process: turning and milling

This component inside the holder allows the surgical team to freely adjust the lighting as required.




SPÄH Tubing manifold for dialysis machine

Tubing manifold for dialysis machine

Material: acrylic glass
Process: casting

Our tubing manifold prevents the tubes in the dialysis machine from being pinched off, thus ensuring safe operation.




SPÄH Surgical chair pedal

Surgical chair pedal

Material: EPDM
Process: injection molding

This molded rubber part allows the user to place the surgical chair in an optimal position. The flexibility of the material allows very precise and accurate adjustment.



SPÄH Face mask strap

Face mask strap

Material: PA12
Process: 3D printing

The problem of pressure sores when wearing protective masks, especially in the area behind the ears, was not widely known until the COVID-19 pandemic. By hooking the elastic bands into the mask strap, the protective mask can be adjusted properly to suit the wearer’s head circumference, thus ensuring greater comfort.

SPÄH Knee prosthesis component

Knee prosthesis component

Material: POM C natural, CR/SBR 63 black, metal
Process: turning and milling, stamping, component assembly

When removing a prosthesis, a vacuum can often develop. Our product prevents this and allows the wearer to easily detach the prosthesis from the leg. This greatly facilitates handling for the prosthesis wearer.



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