Sector: Food industry

The quality standards in the food industry are comparable to those in the medical technology sector. With our many years of experience and huge selection of materials with special approvals (Elastomer Guideline, FDA Food and Drug Administration, Directive 2002/72/EC), SPÄH is your ideal partner in this area.

Example applications

SPÄH Conveyor belt for chocolate

Conveyor belt for chocolate

Material:  silicone
Process:  water-jet cutting

The conveyor belt keeps the foodstuffs in the correct position during the production process. The finished product can then be easily removed from the belt’s surface.

SPÄH Pasta roller

Pasta roller

Material:  POM C natural
Process:  turning and milling

The pasta is given the desired shape by rotating both pasta rollers in opposite directions and pressing the dough between them from above.



SPÄH Fittings for the food industry

Fittings for the food industry

Material:  PTFE
Process: turning and milling

For flange connections that are permanently exposed to  aggressive media, we use the robust material PTFE.



SPÄH Transport roller

Transport roller

Material: Vulkollan®
Process: casting

These small, nimble castors are used virtually everywhere. Almost silently, they bring the respective products and goods into the desired position.

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